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Billing Information


Our services are fee for service and we do not accept insurance for consultations. However, we can give you a super-bill with CPT and ICD-9 codes that you can hand in to your insurance. The lab work can usually be filed with insurance.

Fee Schedule


Please note that all our services are fee for service as we do not bill insurances. Thus the financial responsibility rests with you, regardless of any insurance coverage.

Appointment Administration Fee: $75


In order to book your appointment we keep a credit card on file. The $75 Appointment Administration Fee will be credited to your initial consultation. This fee is not reimbursable should you cancel your appointment.

Initial Visit: $300 per hour

This includes review of health history, discussing hormone imbalances and other physiological imbalances, evaluation and education of organ health with appropriate screening, determination of further diagnostic/lab/ nutritional/vitamin evaluation, and treatment. 

Follow-Up Visit: $150 per 30 minutes


This can be done as in-office or telephone consultation. It includes review of hormone/vitamin/metabolic test results, determines hormone replacement and supplement recommendations. Follow up appointments are required for optimum care.

Frequently Asked Questions


See the categories below for the most frequently asked questions.

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Additional Time Spent: $75 per each 15 min


This applies to in-person or phone consultations.

Email Policy


Short emails that require less than 5 min to answer are free.

Above this the fee will be $ 75.00 per each 15 min.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement


This section applies only to our Hormone patients. Our patients often achieve remarkable results with treatments emphasizing hormone balance, nutrition and life style. These approaches are based on solid science that is largely ignored by mainstream, pharmacologically-driven medicine.


Hormone balancing with bioidentical hormones is a cutting edge and complex treatment. Therefore, we are making it mandatory for new patients to follow up every 3 months within the first year of hormone balancing. Once you have reached optimal hormone levels, monitoring every 6 month will be sufficient to address changes. Due to legal responsibilities we have to restart this process for those patients, who decide to stop the hormones or run out of hormones and subsequently want to restart taking hormones.


As each hormone patient is different, Dr. Forster has to review each chart before ordering lab work. This is essential but also time consuming. Thus we charge a quarterly fee of $90.00. This fee will cover ordering and sending out lab requisition forms, looking over lab results, ordering/calling in prescriptions, email contact less than 5 min. and other related tasks.

Lab Tests


Basic lab tests can usually be filed with insurance. In some cases we will recommend specialty lab testing, where copay can vary depending on your insurance coverage.



What To Do If My Prescription Is No Longer Valid?


If your prescription has no refills left on it, it CANNOT be refilled and a prescription must be obtained. Under normal circumstances, such prescription renewals should be obtained during regularly scheduled visits. In fact, one reason that prescriptions have an expiration date is to remind you to make an appointment with your doctor so the medication can be properly monitored. Good medical care standards require that a doctor reviews your medical record, and preferably examines you, before renewing an expired prescription. This procedure cannot be accomplished readily on a walk-in basis, since the practice is busy seeing patients with scheduled appointments and related tasks. If your prescription is no longer valid and you need more medication, you should call the office at 859-351-1310 and provide the following information:


  • your full name

  • an update on your address and phone numbers in case there is a question and the provider needs to reach you

  • name and dosage of the medication, with instructions

  • the name of the pharmacy where you will obtain the medication


What To Do If I'm Completely Out Of Medication?


Remember to have at least a month's supply of medication on hand when you renew it. If you are out of medication, we will renew a few days worth of medication when you call if you inform the staff that you are completely out of medication. However, you should take care to check your medication supply once a month to make sure you don't run out; if your medication supply is low, follow the instructions above and don't wait until you run out completely. You are responsible for your own health care, and medication requirements.

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