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Hear what our patients have to say about our innovative treatments and services.

Terri B.  August 8, 2018

"A whole new me thanks to Gateways! With their detailed and expert advice, continued support and the HCG Diet plan, I lost 50 lbs in just 90 days.  More important, I had the energy and coaching to add 3% new muscle and sculpt a whole new body with 8% less body fat. I’m 55 going on 35!  Thank you Andreas and Dr. Forster for all the support.” 

 - Terri B., Madison County, KY

Kimberly P.  April 26, 2017

The sudden and unanticipated onset of menopause brought exhaustion and an additional 15 pounds in a matter of weeks. Under the care and compassion of Dr Forster and Andreas Schmitz, I lost the weight and feel better than ever before.  It is rare in today's climate to receive such care.  I highly recommend them. 



Don H.  December 15, 2016

The Hormone regimen that Dr Forster prescribed for my wife and me gives us additional energy, mood softening and eliminates need for K-Y gel or equivalent.

Four decades of marriage couldn't be better.

Ambie K.  October 31, 2016

Working with Drs Regina Forster & Andreas Schmitz was life changing!


I have battled weight all my adult life, tried every diet & given up because I’m impatient. Now in my 50’s HCG was perfect for me! Seeing results so fast and knowing its only 40 days kept me motivated. Drs Forster and Schmitz’s tips, guidance and encouragement helped to meet my goals for the first time in 30 years. With HCG for me there was no hunger while teaching you how & what to eat all the time. Real food & seasonings make you satisfied and allowed me to be creative with my meals.


The hormone therapy has completed my reawakening, I feel HAPPY, JOY, ENERGETIC & ALIVE!!! This is what life is supposed be, Thank you both!!!

Len W.  November 03, 2015

My work with Drs. Schmitz and Forster have exceeded all expectations of how life could be. I have greater vitality, energy, and libido than I did even 15 years ago, and things are only getting better.


This is a very different experience than what I thought I would have in my 60’s. Mental clarity is heightened and physical stamina is sustained through the day.


Dr. Schmitz and Dr. Forster go far beyond hormonal restoration. For those who wish to express their full potential, these doctors are capable of fine-tuning the human experience with expert knowledge in diet, supplements, bio-identical hormones, meditation, and psychological development.

Susan S.  August 25, 2015
After having a total hysterectomy, I felt decades older than my actual age.  As a nurse with many years of gynecological experience, I understood why, but didn't want to believe that this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life. 
Now that I have been a patient of Dr. Forster and Dr. Schmitz for a year or so, I am feeling more energetic and more like my old self than I have for ages!  I convinced my husband to go, and in just 3 months, I can already tell a big difference. 
I would recommend their practice to anyone who is experiencing age-related changes.  It is possible to feel young again!
Leanne P.  June 17, 2015
"Regina Forster, MD did brilliant work with hormone replacement therapy, optimizing key vitamins and hormones in my body to optimize my health.

*It's important to note that I had changed my eating and excersize habits 2 months before I went to Dr. Forster's office at Integral Health and have continued these lifestyle changes.

After my first consultation, I began taking vitamins and especially compounded creams/ medications for my specific needs. They have this neat weighing apparatus to take your data to determine your body's age and in just 90 days, my body had transformed from my real age of 54 (at the first visit) to 47 years old!! I'm lovin' it...more wellness is in my future!!

Thx Dr Forster,
Kathy J.  April 6, 2015
Any lifestyle change is hard work, but I have found Dr. Forster and Health Coach A. Schmitz to be very supportive and creative in helping me lower the threshold of difficulty and achieve my health goals. The more closely I follow the plan, the greater progress I see. They've helped me customize the plan so I like following it, which just gives more success! In two years I have lost over 70 lbs., and I am still losing.
Donna M.  March 4, 2015
Dr. Forster helped manage my hormonal swings with a balanced approach. I had more energy and was able to sleep more peacefully. I was able to focus and avoid mood swings. Everyone around me noticed a difference so it was a win win for all!


Alice M.   October 28, 2014

Hi, Dr. Forster, just a note to update you on my treatment. May I say to you again how much better I feel since beginning these treatments with Bioidentical Hormones? I had reached a point of desperation with my symptoms, which ranged from frequent headaches to sleeplessness, incontinence and anxiety. I was depressed from feeling bad for the last few years and finding little to no relief. After approximately 10 months, I can say I have very few headaches, sleep well and have no incontinence. My sense of well being has returned and my outlook on life has improved dramatically. I truly thank God for you! I appreciate the time spent with you and Andreas and for the support and overall health information you both offer.

Kitty W.   October 6, 2014


I am a patient of Dr Regina Forster going back to 2011. When I first saw her I was dealing with hot flashes and night sweats every day. I also felt tired, had sleepless nights, memory was gone. My thyroid was a mess as well. I was a walking toxic mess.  My B-12 and D-3 were off the charts! After meeting her and her husband, Andreas Schmitz and getting blood work done, they went over my eating habits, generally my life style and discussed what changes I needed to make if I wanted to get better.  I was so surprised that Functional medicine really looks at the whole picture of your health. Within a month she was able to get my hormones balanced with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy no more migraines, sleeping so much better and stopped the hot flashes and night sweat!!!! Did I mention she gave me back my life!  She was able to get me off depression and sleeping meds as well.  If you want a Dr that cares about you as a person and your health and looks at getting your health back from a holistic approach call her. Both Dr Forster and her husband, Andreas Schmitz have a team approach to my well being. I am so grateful that I found them..

Ronald B.   October 2, 2014


This diet experience was very rewarding. It made me a healthier and happier person - I just feel better. I have never seen or experienced any diet like this before. I lost 28 lbs and kept 25 lbs off now three month later. And you loose the weight where you want to lose it! It helped me make healthier choices that I still keep up now three month later - keeping the weight loss. Talking to Dr. Regina Forster and Andreas Schmitz, PhD helped me change my lifestyle.


My primary care took me off of 7 different medications. I was type 2 diabetic and am now off of all three of my diabetes medicines, I'm off of one blood pressure medicine, off of the cholesterol medicine and off of both the breathing medicines I used to take. If you are a type 2 diabetic, give this program a try!


Big plus for me it increased my Golf Game by 20 yards, due to better coordination, better flexibility and better stamina.

Kathleen M.   July 1, 2014


I was suffering from menopausal symptoms and Dr. Forster gave me back my life!

Tina H.   June 14, 2014


Thank you so much for saving my life!! I feel like I have my life back and I’m in control! Finding out that I have a hormone imbalance and insulin resistance made me realize that I needed to change my diet and exercise, I have cut out carbs, started exercising, started bioidentical hormones and feel like a new person!!! I have gone to many doctors and knew something wasn’t right, but all they wanted to do was give me a pill. Thank you for teaching me how to change my life!!!

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