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HCG Diet

How would you like to lose weight and feel great simply by using a natural mechanism?
What is HCG?

HCG is a natural Hormone that – in low doses – curbs appetite and hunger. And it tricks the body into thinking it’s pregnant, it’s actually the pregnancy hormone. 1000 years ago women did not always have enough food during pregnancy to feed the baby. That’s when HCG told their bodies to tap into the fat storage to feed and protect the baby. This primal mechanism still works today in our modern world of over-nutrition and we can apply it to lose weight quickly and easily. Plus it works for both men and women.


The reason why it is so popular is it REALLY WORKS! Most people lose around 15 pounds in 30 days.  

Your 30-Day HCG Weight Loss Program

Your 30-Day Weight Loss Package includes:


  • Initial Visit, plus follow-up visits every second week.

  • Optimized Supplements for Weight Loss.

  • Email & phone support in between visits.

  • HCG for 30 Days.

  • Lab work: Vitamin D3, Thyroid-Hormone – both crucial for weight loss.

  • Additional support to ensure your long-term success.


Call us today at 859.351.1310 to learn more about your 30 day weight loss program!

HCG Diet
The HCG Diet
  • HCG is a natural hormone that suppresses appetite.

  • Your metabolism changes from conservation-mode to fat-burn-mode.

  • You lose weight, feel great and have lots of energy.

  • HCG releases up to 3500 calories from stored fat each day.

  • Most people lose around 15 pounds in 30 days.

  • It is safe for both men and women and inexpensive compared to other diets.


The HCG-Diet is particularly supportive for those who have been trying to lose weight with exercise and dieting, but just seem unable to get those extra pounds off. With changing their metabolism to fat-burn-mode it suddenly does work.


HCG in combination with a very low calorie diet and with a doctor’s guidance, can help you to melt those extra pounds away, while feeling great, maintaining your energy and reducing your appetite, all in one.


Most people can lose around 15 pounds on a course of the diet program. Most programs show success, but the best ones show not only short term weight loss, but also incorporate lifestyle changes for long term weight maintenance. The best program to do both is the HCG True Diet. You get medical supervision, you lose weight safely, you feel fine, and you look great. It’s your winning program for you to be the biggest loser for the long run.


HCG Diets are weight loss programs that help you lose weight with the use of HCG and a very low calorie diet. The original HCG Diet was created by Dr. ATW Simeon in the 1950s. Dr. Simeon had a large clinic in Rome Italy where people from around the world would come to go on his diet and lose weight. His diet and his work are discussed in his book “Pounds and Inches.”


Today, we continue the diet to help people lose weight quickly. The concept of the program is based on the power of HCG to change a person’s metabolism. HCG is the pregnancy hormone and when present in the body, it controls many metabolic functions of the body. Combined with a special 500 calories a day diet, HCG can force your body to utilize the stored fat in your body, thus losing weight rather rapidly.


If one wants to do the program, they should see a physician who is knowledgeable about HCG, can follow and monitor the patient regularly, can write a prescription for HCG, and follows an HCG Diet program protocol that works. There are many changes that occur within your body when your eat only 500 calories a day. You need to know the correct types of foods that you can eat and the correct way to do the program. Proper monitoring to prevent potential problems associated with such a low calorie diet is essential for ensuring your safety.



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